Sunday, October 16, 2011

AP Sprint (Fall, CW) @Futtsu Point

I made a short trip to Futtsu Point, Chiba to kick ass in AP Sprint CW (20/15m). This is a mobile action.
Futtsu (pronounced like Footz) Point is located along the inner coastline of Boso Peninsula. It is some 50km away from my Tokyo home, but it's a comfy one hour driving via Aqua-Line Way.
The point is at the tip of shallow sandy land which has almost no elevation, and most importantly, open for nearly all directions. The best place for ham radio!
Apparently it's a place for surfing.
Straight to the west, you can even see Mt. Fuji (shady at the center of the picture).
Parked my Alfa 156 near the shore. The antenna is base-loaded whip by Diamond (MD-200). The element length is about 2m.
From another perspective. Radio sporting with Alfa Romeo. That's hot!
There is a huge, frame-built observatory overlooking Tokyo Bay at the tip of the Point.
At the controls. IC-706 control head is installed on its side to save the console's real estate. A paddle is located near the shift knob.
I use TR4W for most occasions.

And here is the result.

  AP Sprint 2011 Fall CW (20/15m)
  Call: JG1VGX/M, Location: Futtsu Point, Chiba
  Band  Qs  Pfx
  15CW  17
  20CW  19
  Total 36 x 21 = 756 points

This is not especially a spectacular result, but perhaps a good one for a mobile. Not many stations were around. I have enjoyed anyway. Thanks guys for taking up my weak signals.

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